Fukushima native I began studying Ikuta school koto works with Kyoko Sato at the age of three, and subsequently continued her studies with Yuko Endo and Chiaki Endo. I then completed a Master’s Degree at the same university, and appeared as soloist at the 23rd National Cultural Festival Ibaraki 2008 Japanese music festival. I also appeared at the 11th Asia Arts Festival which took place in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.I completed the 55th NHK traditional Japanese music training program “Hougaku Ginousha Ikuseikai”, and was the leader at the graduation concert. I won 2nd prize at the 17th Kenjun Memorial National Koto Competition, won the Fukuoka Prefectural Governor’s Award, and passed the NHK Japanese Traditional Music Audition.After her post-graduate degree, I gave a concert in Fukushima, and since 2015 I have organized performances for her students in Tokyo. I have appeared in programs such as “Hougaku no Hitotoki”(Japanese Music Moments)and “Hougaku Hyakuban” on NHK-FM.

I also give for families with pre-school children to help people feel closer to Japanese music and to bring it to children.In addition to her teaching activities in Tokyo and Fukushima, I organize koto workshops in Katsushika Ward(Tokyo), and works hard to disseminate Japanese music.

I am a senior instructor at the Miyagi School of the Ikuta-ryu. I am also a member of the Japan Sankyoku Association, Morinokai, Myoyukai, and the Fukushima Prefecture Sankyoku Federation.